At Café Cognito Moncton Blend is served daily along with a brown roast and a black roast.  You experience carefully roasted and blended coffees from Down East Coffee Roasters of Notre-Dame-de-Kent, just north of Moncton. 

Delivered practically every other day, impeccable freshness and quality are assured. Good fresh beans are extremely aromatic.  With such a marvelous aroma, it is easy to see why coffee is so appreciated.

Café Cognito carries interesting, rare and unusual coffees for sale.
Since coffee loses its flavour quickly, buy only what you need for a short period of time and always keep tightly sealed at room temperature.

Origins Full Shade Grown, Origins Organic and Fair Trade, Extraordinary and Exotic.

Down East blends,


Full shade grown

This exceptional Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown by the Fiallos family.  It is superb roasted brown, dark-brown or black.   As a brown roast, this coffee has a delicate sweet taste with floral notes.  Roasted dark brown produces a well balanced coffee with fruity nuances.  Roasted black brings out the coffee’s vibrant, smoky, and sweet character.

… bright and sweet with floral notes …

… well balanced, fruity and sweet …

… vibrant, smoky and sweet character …

Down East Blends

Ranging from light and delicate to deep and robust, our blends honour Atlantic traditions and history.  They will suit your every mood and purpose.

CAFÉ BEAUSOLEIL  … intense and lively …
Joseph Broussard, known as Beausoleil, is an Acadian hero from the 18th century.  After escaping the 1755 deportation, he defended Fort Beauséjour during a British attack.  He later became a privateer in the Bay of Fundy and lived out the last part of his life in Louisiana.  Café Beausoleil is a bold mixture of dark and black beans producing a deep and intense coffee.

CAFÉ DES FORBANS  … robust and unique … a swashbuckling brew ...
A few centuries ago, Atlantic Canada was home to pirates who roamed the seas from the East Coast to the Caribbean. The Acadians called these pirates “forbans”, a term still in use today.   This coffee is very strong and dark, a true swashbuckling brew.

CAFÉ DU MARDI GRAS  … festive and vibrant …
On this festive holiday just before Lent, Acadians traditionally served a rich feast topped off with sweets.  We’ve created a complex blend of brown, dark, and black beans resulting in a strong brew with vibrant character and fruity flavour fit for a feast and perfect for café au lait.

CAFÉ MONCTON BLEND …… bold and vibrant …
Blended from two distinct styles of roasted beans:  a bright and lively ‘City Roast’ with a bold and vibrant ‘French Roast’ ...Moncton Blend, a balanced coffee, rich in character and complexity.
Moncton Blend is served daily at Café Cognito.  You will also find 50 g gift sachets of Moncton Blend for sale.

This distinguished blend is lively, smooth, spicy and rich, great for espresso and drip coffee.

We can order other signature Down East coffees for your enjoyment.  Simply place an order and within a couple of days, your beans will be roasted and available for pick up at Cognito. Try all these interesting blends!

CAFÉ DES DUNES  … sweet and bright…
Long stretches of sand dunes with tall, wild grasses are a familiar sight along our Maritime shores. Many are now protected areas where nature lovers stroll while enjoying the bracing salty breezes under a warm and sunny sky. Roasted brown, this blend is very sweet and bright.

CAFÉ DU GABOTEUR  … invigorating and strong …
Acadians were very active in “cabotage”, moving cargo to and from Acadie, Newfoundland and New England. Over the years, “caboteur” became “gaboteur”, and in certain regions “gaboter” still means moving from place to place.  This mixture of brown and black beans is invigorating and strong.

CAFÉ MADAME LA TOUR  … lively, rich and floral …
In the 17th century, two French governors fought to gain control over the Acadian colony, Charles d’Aulney and Charles de la Tour.  In 1645, d’Aulney took advantage of his rival’s absence to attack his fort.  He had not anticipated that his adversary’s courageous wife, Madame Françoise-Marie La Tour, would take command of a small garrison and resist d’Aulney’s 200 soldiers for three days before surrendering.  Created to honour Madame La Tour, this rich blend is very lively with floral notes.

CAFÉ PAYS DE COCAGNE  … mild, rich and fruity …
Down East Coffee Roasters is nestled at the “fresh water end” of the beautiful Cocagne River.  In the 17th century, Nicolas Denys first arrived in this region as the King of France’s official representative.  He named the area Cocagne as it reminded him of the mythical land of peace and plenty. Roasted brown, this coffee is velouté, mild and fruity.

CAFÉ PORT-ROYAL  … very rich and spicy flavour ...
Founded in 1605, Port-Royal was the capital of Acadie, a French colony also coveted by England.  It was the site of many battles and intrigues. Café Port-Royal is a mixture of brown and dark roasted beans, with a very rich and spicy flavour.

Origins Organic, Fair Trade

DOMINICAN BANI, Fair Trade  … slightly mild with little acidity and sweet aroma …

JITTERFREE DECAF, SWP,  OrganicFair Trade  … smooth, deep and full flavour, excellent as drip and espresso … This is a full flavour, dark, decaf coffee which is also excellent when made in a drip coffee maker.  Expect rich taste with pleasing heaviness and slight nutty aftertaste.

PERU LA FLORIDA, OrganicFair Trade  …very pleasant and mild with low acidity …
Certified organically grown beans of very high quality, this refreshing fair trade coffee has low acidity and a remarkable mild, sweet, and fragrant taste.

SUMATRA Gayo Mountain, Organic, Fair Trade  … smooth and pleasant with unusual notes of cedar, smooth with pleasant aroma …
Certified organic and fair trade, this coffee is grown by members of a co-operative, at higher altitudes than other Sumatran coffees.  It is truly exceptional and of the finest quality.

We can order other organic and fair trade coffees for your enjoyment.  Simply place an order and within a couple of days, your beans will be roasted and available for pick up at Cognito. Try all these interesting ones!

ETHIOPIA SIDAMO Organic, Fair Trade  …’Natural’  sun dried coffee with hints of fruit and spice…
From the birthplace of coffee, this aromatic “natural” bean is sun dried in the cherry.  Organically grown in southern Ethiopia, it has a fruity flavour with a hint of rose and blueberry.

HAïTï BLEU PINE FOREST, Fair Trade  … a rich full coffee with dry notes well balanced …
Haïtian farmers handpick their crops of unique blue-green coloured beans which are of the highest quality.  It is a rich full coffee with dry notes well balanced.

MOCHA JAVA, OrganicFair Trade … classic, complex and balanced …
The first coffees blended were probably a mix of wild beans from Yemen or Ethiopia and coffees cultivated in the Dutch East Indies.  This is a classic pairing and ours is absolutely authentic.  We add Java’s full-bodied spiciness and the complex, aromatic notes of Ethiopian Mocha for a well balanced and delicious cup.

Extraordinary and Exotic

KENYA Noir  … black, rich and winey … full bodied, bright and winey with smokey finish.  
Kenya has perfected the most sophisticated methods for producing and processing coffee.  The result is an exceptional coffee, full-bodied, distinct and intense.  Roasted black, it is truly outstanding and one of our most popular coffees.

SUMATRA MANDHELING  … rich, deep and earthy …
Hand-picked and processed using traditional methods, this coffee is rich, deep and complex with delicate acidity, sweet earthy aroma and smoky lingering finish.  We roast this coffee black to bring out its finest qualities.

We can order other exotic and extraordinary Down East coffees for your enjoyment.  Simply place an order and within a couple of days, your beans will be roasted and available for pick up at Cognito. Try all these interesting single origin coffees!

COLOMBIA SUPREMO  …sweet and aromatic …
Grown in the foothills of mountain ranges, Supremo is top grade consisting of only large-sized beans free of imperfection.  Bright and sweet with delicate aroma and body.

The fertile volcanic soil in the Tarrazú region produces rich, bright, and very well balanced coffee with a strong fruity aroma.  From the “land of peace”.

CUBA TURQUINO  … rich and nutty, caramel and floral …
This Caribbean treat is rich and nutty with floral notes and a hint of caramel.  Enjoy and reminisce.

GUATEMALA ANTIGUA  … lively and clean …
Introduced by the Jesuits in 1750 as an ornamental plant, coffee is now Guatemala’s largest agricultural crop.  It is graded by growing altitude.  The famed region of Antigua produces a zesty and vibrant coffee on its unique, rich volcanic soil.

Exotic sough after Hawaiian coffee, a delightful cup which starts with aromatic floral notes and finishes smooth and nutty. A coffee lover's delight!

Rare highest grade India coffee, very large beans.  Luxuriously sweet with tart but lush tropical fruit notes and long finish.

A prized oval pea-shaped bean harvested on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, shaded by banana trees.  Lively with sweet and deep aftertaste.


Coffee roasting turns raw green beans into varying shades of brown and black.  The flavour of good coffee is, to a great extent, influenced by two factors:  the degree of roast and the methods or style of roasting.

Basically, there are four degrees or grades of roasting:  Brown Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast and Black Roasts, each of which produces a distinctive taste, aroma and character.

Brown Roasts…

Natural sugars within the coffee beans are developed at this stage after about 14 minutes of roasting, just before the ‘second crack’ and the character unique to each individual variety and origin is revealed.  When delicate fragrant, floral or citrus notes exist in some fine rare coffees, they may be present only at this point.  Of course this means that any minor flaws, if present a bean, may be detectible in a Brown Roast but would mellow out with a little more fire.  Brown roasted coffee beans have a dry smooth surface and produce a brew with balance of sweetness and brightness. 

Dark Brown (Medium) Roasts...

Around 15 minutes, when the coffee beans in the roaster reach a high enough temperature, the cell walls of the beans begin to rupture and give off gas (mostly CO2).  Natural sugars start to caramelise becoming more flavourful and slightly less sweet.  Small shivers explode off the surface of occasional beans making ‘rice crisp’ sounds and leaving a miniature dark crater or a speck of oil.  From the time this starts until it sounds like your breakfast cereal, the character of Medium Roast is created; smooth, full, caramel.  Excellent for any brewing method, this is the roast for straight espresso, Northern Style, lively but not sour, sweet and spicy, strong but not bitter.

Dark Roasts…

As coffee keeps roasting it progresses to a ‘rolling’ second crack accompanied by staccato crackling static.  Natural sugars in the coffee beans continue to caramelize to toffee, acids are muted, and specs of oil appear on many beans.  Dark coffee has a more complex flavour, dark chocolate notes, and a hint of bitterness.  At this degree of roast, most of the individual characteristics of the original beans are lost, and new flavours are imbued by the roasting process.    Southern Style espresso made from a dark roast is intense, chocolate, and powerful enough to make great cappuccino and caffé latte.  It takes approximately 16 minutes to bring coffee to the dark side.     

Black Roasts…

The roastmaster’s skill plays a more important role than the type of bean in this particular roast but it takes a bean with some exceptional or assertive character which, even after being subjected to the abuse of the fire, to give a distinctive and recognisable cup.  By continuing the roasting process and slowing down the air flow, the oils in the coffee beans released by the second crack come to the surface and produce aromatic smoke as they hit the hot roasting drum.   Best prepared by press, filter, or vac pot, Black Roast coffees are very dark with a slightly oily surface. They are lower in acid than the other roasts and have a bittersweet-smoky flavour sought by coffee aficionados.

Many coffee drinkers greatly prefer one type of roast over the others.  Some will choose different roasts at different times of the day and there are regional differences in roasting preferences.  When choosing a coffee let the aroma be your guide; if the beans lack aroma, they may not be fresh or flavourful, if the aroma pleases and excites you, the coffee will also.

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